If you have a chalazion that has not improved with warm compresses, there are two further treatment options available.  The first option is having your doctor inject your chalazion with steroid medicine.  The second option is having your doctor surgically drain the oily material filling your chalazion.  Before comparing the pros and cons of injection versus drainage, let’s review the process of drainage surgery. 

Drainage surgery is generally performed at a doctor’s office, although some doctors perform the surgery at day-surgery...

This post focuses on treating chalazia conservatively, without surgery or procedures.  The post reviews the technique and success rate of warm compresses.

First post of a three-part series covering styes and the related conditions of hordeola, and chalazia.

Broad overview of the different types of drooping eyelids and the surgeries used to fix them

Fall is the perfect time to think about Kybella™.  Here are a few photos of our own before and after results.  Although everyone’s results will differ, hopefully you can see why we’re excited to offer Kybella™ to our patients.  You can learn more about Kybella™ here

In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss scar management.  As surgeons, perhaps the best strategy we have to manage surgical scars is prevention.  Preventing cosmetically bothersome scars begins with good surgical technique and includes hiding incisions in cosmetically favorable sites.  A common site we use for upper eyelid incisions is the natural eyelid crease.  By taking advantage of the natural eyelid crease, we can minimize evidence of our incisions by keeping them out of view.  In other cases, we can make incisions on the back side of an eyeli...

Today, we’ll cover a few things that might help you as you start down the road of preparing for eyelid surgery.  We’ll touch on what to expect before, during and after surgery.  Please keep in mind that these are just rules of thumb and shouldn’t be considered medical advice.  For that, you should contact your surgeon directly. 

With our disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started.  We’ll use upper eyelid lifting surgery as an example, but most of what we’ll cover applies to eyelid surgery in general.

My doctor referred me to your...

Skin cancers of the eyelids - let’s start with some background.

Skin cancers of the eyelids are more common than most people think, in fact, up to one in ten cases of skin cancers anywhere on the body occur on the eyelids.1 Just like on the rest of the body, several types of skin cancers can form on the eyelids.  The most common skin cancer of the eyelids is basal cell carcinoma, a skin cancer that frequently grows by expanding its borders outward.2 It is common on sun-exposed areas.  On the eyelids, the lower eyelid is the most common place for...

In today’s post, I’ll cover a common question, “Will insurance pay for my eyelid lift surgery?”  I hear this question often, because as an oculofacial plastic surgeon, I specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and surrounding areas of the face.  I hope that by reading this post, you’ll have a better idea of what information is required to answer this question. 

Let’s start by looking at this question from the perspective of the insurance company.  The insurance company’s goal is to confirm that your eyelids or...

It’s no secret:  Botox Cosmetic® is an extraordinarily successful product for smoothing facial wrinkles.  Botox Cosmetic® belongs to a group of products known as neuromodulators; this group also includes relative newcomers Xeomin® and Dysport®.  All neuromodulators work by relaxing muscles, which in turn smooths the overlying skin and rejuvenates the face.  We use neuromodulators in several different facial zones.  The zone between the eyebrows, called the glabella, was the first zone to receive approval when Botox Cosmetic® was introduced in 2...

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