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Oculofacial Aesthetics is no longer accepting new patients.  Dr. Repp remains available and is seeing patients at
Eye Surgeons Associates.  For an appointment with Dr. Repp please call 563.323.2020

Bridge in Davenport Iowa



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Daniel Repp, MD

At Oculofacial Aesthetics, PLC we specialize in oculofacial surgery - a unique medical specialty with elements of both aesthetic medicine and reconstructive surgery. We care for the area around the eyes, including the eyelids, the tear drains, the eye socket and the surrounding areas of the face.  


Our mission is to provide individualized and compassionate care to help you achieving your goals.  Our team is led by Daniel Repp, MD – an oculofacial surgeon who will work with you to customize a treatment plan.   Dr. Repp provides surgical care, as well as minimally-invasive techniques to help you achieve your desired transformation.  Through these techniques, Dr. Repp can help soften wrinkles, rejuvenate your eyelids and eyebrows and help you look and feel your best.  


Oculofacial Aesthetics, PLC provides cosmetic and functional oculoplastic services.  For a full list of services, please see our services page.

Woman with beautiful eyes with doctors gloves

Specialized in ophthalmic plastic surgery

Rigorously trained surgeon with understanding of the eye and the precious nature of vision .



Qualified to perform plastic surgery in the area around the eye and eye socket.  

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